Use of Lean in Highways England

Find out how Highways England uses Lean principles to eliminate inefficiency.

Lean management is a systematic method for the elimination of inefficiency. Highways England is committed to making efficiency savings using Lean principles and to encourage its supply chain to do the same. Our ambition is that by 2020 we will save £250 million through our adoption of Lean thinking and techniques. This will contribute towards the government’s stated Roads Investment Strategy efficiency target of around £1.2 billion.

Our commitment to Lean underpins all our work towards achieving our business aims. In recognition of this we have a Lean Division to:

  • challenge current practices
  • improve performance
  • refine processes
  • become more efficient
  • provide support and help to our staff and suppliers so they can do the same

Knowledge sharing

For examples of Lean improvements, view our Highways England Lean Tracker.



Published 5 January 2016
Last updated 22 March 2017 + show all updates
  1. Collaborative planning guidance added.

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  3. Updated details of Highways England's ambitions in implementing Lean.

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