UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) services case studies

UKTI services have helped UK companies to succeed in trading internationally, and supported overseas companies investing in the UK.

Examples of how UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) has helped businesses to export their products or services overseas and supported overseas companies to invest into the UK.

Export Case Studies

  1. RouteShoot’s exports make up 60% of sales after help from UKTI
  2. Export Insight Visit enables Sadler’s Ales to explore overseas markets
  3. Trinca-Ferro forecasts tenfold increase in turnover after UKTI help
  4. Base London: 50% of turnover from exports with UK government help
  5. UCL MSEC set to grow its overseas business by 300%
  6. UKTI helps Stateside Skates increase exports to 50% of total sales
  7. Pingu’s English launches in Brazil, helped by UK government
  8. UKTI helps CWind win contracts in Germany
  9. Pricecheck goes global
  10. Jadu poised to access multi-million pound Australian market
  11. Shopitize rolls out globally
  12. Phonic Books increases exports by 25% following market research
  13. Hawkshead Relish gets a taste for exporting
  14. UK Government helps Taywell start its export journey, and prosper
  15. Vernacare products win 23% share of Singapore’s hospital market
  16. Pickering Interfaces grows by 50% in China with help from UKTI
  17. Finger food specialist wins business in Singapore
  18. Family business exports its gourmet popcorn to 15 markets
  19. JHS brings music to new markets
  20. UK government helps Iskra win business in Macao
  21. Dryden Aqua grows its exports with help from UK government

Investment Case Studies

  1. Cloud Imperium Games invests £15 million in its UK studio
  2. Australian skateboards cruising into Europe
  3. Microsoft Ventures starts up in London, supported by UK government
  4. UK government helps Intent Media open new headquarters in London
  5. GetTaxi expands its UK business with help from UK government
  6. Dojima opens first sake brewery in the UK
  7. New base for Canadian company in London
  8. US engineering company Remetronix invests in the UK
  9. Indian dance academy invests in the UK
  10. Art Equity set up in UK with support from UK Trade & Investment
  11. UK Trade and Investment makes NVC feel welcome in the UK
  12. ‘We were not alone’: Iconsulting opens UK office

Defence and Security Case Studies

Success stories of companies and the support they received from UK Trade & Investment Defence and Security Organisation (UKTI DSO).

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