UK Trade and Investment Performance and Impact Monitoring Survey (PIMS)

These reports show the results of UK Trade and Investment's (UKTI) client surveys that measure performance and ensure quality of its services.

UKTI has developed an effective performance measurement and monitoring mechanism which ensures:

  • UKTI can report in detail the value its trade services deliver for business customers and for the UK economy

  • we understand in detail the impact of our services on our customers

  • effective performance management and human resource development

PIMS is a client interview survey that gives evidence for the quality of service UKTI provides to business. It is completed by an independent market research company specialising in business surveys. The survey is based on independent telephone interviews with a sample of users of UKTI’s services. These rely on accurate recording of client data on our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

All our client survey interviews are voluntary. Clients are guaranteed anonymity, which removes any bias in the way they respond to questions.


If you have any queries about how PIMS operates or the statistics produced please contact the Economics and Evaluation Team.

Previous reports are available through The National Archives Government Web Archive.

Annual client surveys

  1. UKTI Performance and Impact Monitoring Surveys (PIMS 32-35) annual report: 2013

    • Research and analysis

Non-user surveys

The survey involved interviews with 300 exporters who have never used UKTI services. It captures evidence on usage of non-UKTI export support, and measures the extent to which firms encounter barriers that give rise to the need for such services.

  1. UKTI PIMS non-user survey 2014

    • Research and analysis


  1. Technical note: UKTI's monitoring and evaluation evidence

    • Research and analysis