UK steel industry

This collection brings together announcements about the steel sector.

The government is doing everything it can to help the UK steel industry secure a long-term viable future. You can read the latest developments below.

View written statements related to steel on the UK Parliament website.


  1. Government and unions welcome 'important step' for UK steel industry
  2. Letter from government / trade unions to Tata Steel and response
  3. Procurement policy note 11/16: procuring steel in major projects - revised guidance
  4. Statement on Tata Steel’s strategy for its European businesses
  5. Second meeting of the joint Steel Council
  6. UK steel industry: update, May 2016
  7. Government outlines details of financial support for Tata Steel UK buyers
  8. UK steel industry: update
  9. Statement on the sale of Tata Steel's Long Products Europe business to Greybull Capital
  10. Business Secretary and Chair of UK Steel hold first meeting of new joint Steel Council
  11. Government action to support the steel industry
  12. Business Secretary confirms formal Tata Steel sale process
  13. Steel industry: Business Secretary Sajid Javid to meet Tata Group chairman
  14. New public sector boost for UK steel
  15. I’m steeling myself to fight for Tata’s British workers
  16. Tata Steel announcement: Sajid Javid response
  17. Response to Tata Steel announcement
  18. Statement on the proposed recall of Parliament over UK steel making
  19. Business Minister returns to Redcar 6 months after steel plant closure
  20. Electricity intensive industries: indirect costs of renewables - further government response
  21. Lord Bourne represents the UK Government at Tata Steel task Force
  22. Stephen Crabb welcomes EC investigation into cheap steel imports
  23. Steel procurement for Hinkley Point
  24. Lord Bourne attends Tata Steel Task Force
  25. Statement on the UK steel industry
  26. Welsh Secretary comments on Tata Steel job losses
  27. UK government secures EU compensation for Energy Intensive Industries
  28. Procurement Policy Note 16/15: procuring steel in major projects
  29. Javid welcomes outcomes of European steel talks
  30. Government to 'level playing field' for British steel suppliers
  31. UK calls for emergency steel meeting granted
  32. Business Secretary to put steel top of Brussels agenda
  33. Steel industry offered additional time to meet European emissions regulations
  34. Government and Tata steel to provide support to Scunthorpe steel workers and local economy
  35. Summit to tackle impact of global steel challenges
  36. Steel summit – way forward
Published 8 June 2016