UK nationwide standard for exchanging bus schedules and related data.

TransXChange is the UK nationwide standard for exchanging bus schedules and related data. It is used for:

  • the electronic registration of bus routes
  • the Traffic Area Network
  • the exchange of bus routes with other computer systems such as journey planners and vehicle real-time tracking systems

TransXChange is part of a family of coherent transport related XML standards that follow GovTalk guidelines.


The TransXChange XML schemas provided are:

  • a registration schema for registering a bus timetable with the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, including mandatory elements for statutory registration
  • a general schema for exchanging bus timetable and ancillary data between all types of systems

The TransXChange schemas are modularised into functional packages and share a common set of base modules with National Public Transport Access Node system.

The schemas currently in use are listed below.

The type of information that TransXChange can be used to exchange

TransXChange schemas can be used to exchange:

  • bus schedules including stops, routes, departures times, departure frequencies, operational notes and maps
  • the days on which the services run, including public holidays availability
  • term times and holidays of schools and other bus serviced organisations
  • details of the statutory registration including short notice registrations
  • bus operators information
  • fare stages, positioning runs, garages, layovers, duty crews and on-board ticketing systems
  • information about accessibility of stops and services for wheelchair and other users


All TransXChange enquiries

The designated owner of the TransXChange schema for GovTalk is at:

Digital & Open Data team
Department for Transport
2/27 Great Minster House
33 Horseferry Road
London, SW1P 4DR


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Published 20 January 2014