The capabilities of the new UK aircraft carriers

See how HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Prince of Wales and F35B Lightning II will offer security, benefit the UK and are made by British Industry.


The future flagships for the UK are the 2 new Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers and are the largest British warships ever built.

They, along with the F35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter and Merlin Mk2 helicopters will help keep the UK armed forces modern, flexible and powerful.

The combination of the carrier, its aircraft and personnel will enable the UK to protect the nation, help prevent conflict and provide humanitarian aid.

In this section you will be able to find out about all of the different equipment that is part of the carrier story and how British industry is making it happen.

Float up and move of HMS Queen Elizabeth (video)

Float Up and Move of HMS Queen Elizabeth (ROYAL NAVY)

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Queen Elizabeth Aircraft carrier

At an astonishing size, find out more amazing facts and figures of the aircraft carrier, the integral role the Royal Navy has with the carrier and how the build of the ship has helped to boost the economy.

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F35 - Lightning II

Find out interesting facts and figures about the Lightning II, its capabilities, the role the RAF has with the aircraft and how the build of the jet has helped to boost the economy.

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Meet the people behind the scenes

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Watch the F35 and carrier in action

See the fastest jet and aircraft in action.Watch impressive footage of the Lightning II and aircraft carrier as they continue to build on its capabilities and technologies.

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