Tackling abuse and mismanagement in charities

Annual reports on the Charity Commission's work to prevent, detect and tackle abuse and mismanagement in charities and promote charity law.

Abuse and mismanagement in charities

Mismanagement and abuse in charities are unacceptable. An important part of the Charity Commission’s role as regulator is to prevent, detect and tackle abuse and mismanagement in charities and to promote compliance with charity law.

When the commission gets involved in a charity whose trustees are not complying with charity law, its priority is to safeguard charity assets and take strong remedial action where necessary to stop the problems and get the charity’s management right.

About these reports

These reports explain the commission’s approach to investigations and compliance case work. They give details of the volume and nature of cases dealt with in a given year and include case study examples. The reports also explain where and how the commission’s approach to compliance case work changes.

These reports:

  • help the public understand how the commission tackles and resolves mismanagement in charities
  • allow trustees and their advisers to learn lessons from problems that have arisen in other charities

Each report includes links to relevant guidance for charities. Trustees should use the reports to reflect on, and where necessary, improve their charities’ governance to ensure that serious non-compliance does not occur.

Each report includes a detailed statistical annex which:

  • provides information about the commission’s compliance case work
  • analyses the types of issues that arose in the year
  • sets out the commission’s performance against key performance measures

Current report

  1. Tackling abuse and mismanagement: 2016-17

Previous reports

  1. Tackling abuse and mismanagement: 2015-16
  2. Tackling abuse and mismanagement: 2014-15
  3. Tackling abuse and mismanagement: 2013-14
  4. Tackling abuse and mismanagement: 2012-13
  5. Charities back on track: 2011-12
  6. Charities back on track: 2010-11
  7. Charities back on track: 2009-10
  8. Charities back on track: 2008-09
  9. Charities back on track: 2007-08
Published 9 September 2008