Sub-national statistics

This collection brings together all documents relating to sub-national statistics.

Below are a range of sub-national statistics or tools produced by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

Regional and sub-regional job estimates

This section provides sub-national estimates of employee jobs broken down by selected industry sectors and public/private sectors.

 Regional economic performance indicators

This publication provides information on a number of socio-economic indicators covering the regions and devolved administrations in the UK. It is complimented by a set of continuously updated tables to report the most current data available.

Assisted areas look-up

BIS assisted area postcode checker can be used to provide an indication of whether a postcode in Great Britain is an assisted area as defined for the 2007 to 2013 assisted area map.

English Business Survey

This section provides results from the English Business Survey as well as background documentation on the survey.

Private sector employment indicator

As part of the department’s business plan to support the government’s agenda to rebalance the economy across sectors and regions, BIS developed an indicator to monitor private sector employment growth in England. This indicator forms part of the performance framework for assessing the impact of the department’s policies and reforms. The indicator shows whether, over time, dependency on the private sector for employment is increasing and how this rebalancing varies by region. Data for the indicator will be published quarterly.

Data are published for England and each English region. To the distortions due to high levels of commuting, changes in the indicator are monitored for 2 regional groups in England:

  • London, South East and East
  • rest of England (North, Midlands and West)


  1. Private sector employment indicator: November 2014 to January 2015

    • Official Statistics
  2. Private sector employment indicator: August to October 2014

    • Official Statistics
  3. Private sector employment indicator: November 2013 to January 2014

    • Official Statistics
  4. Private sector employment indicator: August to October 2013

    • Official Statistics
  5. Private sector employment indicator: May to July 2013

    • Official Statistics
  6. Private sector employment indicator: February to April 2013

    • Official Statistics
  7. Private sector employment indicator: quarter 4 2012

    • Official Statistics
  8. Private sector employment indicator: quarter 3 2012

    • Official Statistics
  9. 2012 building prices and cost indices archive

    • National Statistics
  10. Job estimates

    • Official Statistics
  11. Sub-regional public and private sector employee job estimates

    • Official Statistics
  12. Proportion of employee jobs in selected industrial sectors

    • Official Statistics
  13. Private sector employment indicator: quarter 2 2012

    • Official Statistics
  14. Private sector employment indicator: user guide and technical annex

    • Guidance
  15. Private sector employment indicator: quarter 1 2012

    • Official Statistics
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