Roadworker safety: Highways England's Aiming For Zero programme

This programme targets those working on Highways England’s network who are directly at risk from road users.

The Aiming for Zero programme:

  • sets an clear goal for the Agency’s health and safety performance
  • confirms Highways England’s leadership role in the industry
  • brings together health and safety work across the whole business

Road Workers’ Safety Forum (RoWSaF)

RoWSaF brings together stakeholders from across the highways industry to:

  • improve the health, safety and welfare of our road workers
  • reduce risks by developing improvements in how we work

For more information, visit RoWSaF’s website.

Safe Use of Roadside Verges In Vehicular Emergencies (SURVIVE) Group

The SURVIVE Group is a partnership with Highways England, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), the breakdown/recovery industry and other road service providers.

The SURVIVE Group website gives you advice on how to drive safely in a wide range of conditions and what to do if you need to stop on the hard shoulder.

Contact us

If you would like more information about road worker safety activities, or have ideas or suggestions which could reduce risks to road workers, please contact the National Health and Safety Team.

Construction and maintenance strategy

The Highways Agency Construction and Maintenance Strategy outlines specific steps we will undertake to drive down the accident frequency rate for all workers undertaking construction or maintenance activities on our network.

Highways England safety alerts

  1. Highways England safety alerts

Major projects delivery hub health and safety action group

This group is includes health and safety specialists from Highways England and our major road scheme supply chain.

We aim to create consistently high standards of health and safety across all Highways England’s major road schemes by:

  • identifying current highest standards
  • implementing them as new minimum standards on our schemes
  • raising these standards further

Health and safety for major road schemes: ‘Raising the bar’ initiative

Published 1 January 2009