Reviews of the charity register

Reports that set out and explain Charity Commission policy in key areas of charity law.

The Charity Commission’s Review of the Register reports (‘RR reports’) series helps clarify what is meant by ‘charitable’. This helps it determine its policy as the charity regulator and registrar in England and Wales.

Review of the Register reports

  1. The promotion of social inclusion
  2. Promotion of religious harmony
  3. Promotion of equality and diversity
  4. The review of the register of charities (RR1)
  5. Recognising new charitable purposes (RR1a)
  6. Promotion of rural and urban regeneration (RR2)
  7. Charities for the relief of unemployment (RR3)
  8. The Recreational Charities Act 1958 (RR4)
  9. The promotion of community capacity building (RR5)
  10. Maintenance of an accurate register of charities (RR6)
  11. Independence of charities from the state (RR7)
  12. Preservation and conservation charities (RR9)
  13. Museums and art galleries (RR10)
  14. Charitable status and sport (RR11)
  15. The promotion of human rights (RR12)
  16. The promotion of the voluntary sector for the benefit of the public (RR13)
  17. Promoting the efficiency and effectiveness of charities (RR14)
Published 1 December 2012