Regional economic performance indicators (REPI)

This series brings together all documents relating to Regional economic performance indicators (REPI)

The Regional economic performance indicators (REPI), formally known as Regional competitiveness and state of the regions, is an annual publication of a number of socio-economic indicators covering the regions of the United Kingdom.

The aim of the publication is to give a balanced picture of all the statistical information relevant to regional economic performance, competitiveness and the state of the regions. The indicators shown in REPI have been designed to enable regional comparisons, whilst time series can be used to investigate change over time. REPI is a compendium publication, containing regional information sourced from several different government departments, agencies and academic organisations.


  1. REPI land
  2. Regional Economic Performance Indicators (REPI) live tables
  3. REPI innovation
  4. REPI skills
  5. Regional Economic Performance Indicators (REPI) investment
  6. Regional economic performance indicators (REPI) - income support claimants
  7. REPI output
  8. Regional Economic Performance Indicators (REPI) national and official statistics
  9. REPI contacts
  10. REPI earnings
  11. REPI exports
  12. Regional economic performance indicators
  13. REPI employment
  14. REPI enterprise
  15. REPI Transport
Published 12 December 2012