Record copies of Admiralty charts (old copy bundles)

Record copies of published Admiralty charts produced since 1800 arranged by chart number

Record copies of published Admiralty charts, produced since 1800, are an important part of the archive. However, we do not have a copy of every chart ever published by the Hydrographic Office, but we do have the most complete collection in the United Kingdom. We do not have a copy of every correction to every chart, but it is possible to follow the history of most charts from the 1830s to the present day.

Our record copies are arranged by chart number. This collection is known as the ‘old copy bundle’ system. There is no single catalogue of its contents, but access to the charts can be made through the published catalogues of charts. The earliest catalogue we hold dates from 1825 and electronic versions of catalogues can be downloaded below

Copies of Admiralty charts are also held by many institutions in Great Britain and abroad. The larger collections include:

Some Admiralty charts are available on the internet at:

A digital version of the Admiralty chart catalogue for 1898 is available at


  1. UKHO 1825 catalogue of published charts
  2. UKHO 1839 catalogue of published charts
  3. UKHO 1849 catalogue of published charts
  4. UKHO 1860 catalogue of published charts
  5. UKHO 1870 catalogue of published charts
  6. UKHO 1880 catalogue of published charts
  7. UKHO 1890 catalogue of published charts
  8. UKHO 1914 catalogue of published charts
  9. UKHO 1915 catalogue of fleet charts
  10. UKHO 1919 catalogue of fleet charts
  11. UKHO 1945 catalogue of fleet charts
  12. UKHO 1945 catalogue of fleet charts - Europe
  13. Hydrographic Office World War One Technical History
Published 18 July 2014