Public Private Partnerships

PPPs such as PFI and PF2 are long-term contracts where the private sector designs, builds, finances and operates an infrastructure project.

PPPs have delivered £56 billion of private sector capital investment in over 700 UK infrastructure projects. These include new schools, hospitals, roads, housing, prisons, and military equipment and accommodation.

PPPs transfer delivery, cost and performance risk to the private sector – this protects the public sector from delays, cost overruns and poor performance.

Private Finance 2 (PF2) replaced the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) as the government’s preferred approach to public private partnerships in 2012. PF2 has provided £1 billion of capital investment in 46 schools and one hospital.


PF2 policy including the standardisation of PF2 contracts.

  1. Private Finance 2 (PF2)


Archived documents supporting project and contract managers are available for operational taskforce and Treasury taskforce publications.


Data on PFI and PF2 projects as at 31 March 2017.


Forms and instructions specific to PFI/PF2/PPP arrangements.

  1. PFI/PF2/PPP forms
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