FCO Official Development Assistance (ODA): project evaluation documents

Project evaluation documents for Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) Prosperity Fund and Human Rights and Democracy projects.

Evaluation reports for projects completed in the financial years:

  • 2011 to 2012
  • 2012 to 2013
  • 2013 to 2014
  • 2014 to 2015

Prosperity Fund

  1. Project fund evaluation - review of South Africa's trade strategy
  2. Prosperity fund evaluation: UK-Korea anti-corruption co-operation
  3. Prosperity fund evaluation: CDP Cities in Korea 2013
  4. Prosperity fund evaluation - Alert Africa - South Africa
  5. Prosperity fund evaluation: enhancement of sub-national procurement monitoring capacity in Indonesia
  6. Prosperity fund evaluation: unlocking energy efficiency investment potential in Indonesia
  7. Prosperity fund evaluation for China: international experience on natural gas pricing and regulation
  8. Prosperity fund evaluation - develop and launch carbon indexing of Indian listed companies
  9. Prosperity fund evaluation - Mexico building resilient and competitive cities
  10. Prosperity fund evaluation - stimulate an enabling policy environment for first generation entrepreneurship promotion in India
  11. Prosperity Fund Project Evaluation of Project: Code PPY TUR 1010
  12. Prosperity Fund Project Evaluation: Climate Action Plans For Municipalities (Mexico)
  13. Prosperity Fund Project Evaluation: Reuniting Europe Programme – 7 Projects In Croatia 2011/12
  14. Prosperity Fund Project Evaluation: Supporting the implementation of the Brazilian National Policy on Waste Management - 2012
  15. Prosperity Fund Project Evaluation: Investing in Kazakhstan: Strengthening the Investment Climate through OECD Standards - 2012
  16. Prosperity Fund Project Evaluation: Deepening Engagement on South Africa's Trade Policy - 2012
  17. Prosperity Fund Project Evaluation: Support To The India Solar Capital Market Climate Initiative (CMCI) - 2012
  18. Prosperity Fund Project Evaluation: Implementing Energy Efficiency in Brazil - 2012
  19. Prosperity Fund Project Evaluation: Building an international movement of business leadership groups for a low carbon economy - 2012

Human Rights and Democracy Development (HRDD)

  1. HRDD evaluation: promoting legal protection for the media in China
  2. HRDD evaluation - developing a human rights approach to prison management in China
  3. HRDD evaluation: a policy approach to further reduce the death penalty in China
  4. HRDD evaluation - human rights in the Chinese textile industry
  5. HRDD evaluation - promoting best practice in investigating complaints from detainees in China
  6. HRDD evaluation on Burma: reintegration and skills development for political prisoners
  7. HRDD evaluation: Burma rule of law project
  8. HRD evaluation: promoting women’s rights in Burma
  9. Enhancing protection of journalists and promoting media freedom in Vietnam
  10. Project fund evaluation: capacity building for effective participation of women victims of the armed conflict in Colombia
  11. Project fund evaluation: risk maps to track electoral irregularities in the 2014 elections in Colombia
  12. Project fund evaluation: to develop the media's ability to facilitate dialogue and debate in Zambia
  13. Project fund evaluation: enhancing government proficiency to implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) in contemporary Colombia
  14. Project fund evaluation: integrating safeguards against torture in the law and practice of Kazakhstan
  15. Project fund evaluation: strengthening religious freedom in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  16. Project fund evaluation: promoting UN Guiding Principles (UNGPs) on business and human rights in Kazakhstan
  17. Project fund evaluation: elections and democracy in Kazakhstan
  18. Project fund evaluation: a pact for responsible business relating to oil and gas exploration companies in Kenya
  19. Project evaluation fund: Kenya - business and human rights training courses

Strategic projects

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