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This series brings together all documents relating to the private sector employment indicator.


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Following a user consultation, we’ve decided to stop publishing private sector employment indicator (PSEI) data. This is because:

The impact the publication has does not justify the resources needed to produce the publication.

The PSEI shows whether, over time, dependency on the private sector for employment is increasing and how this rebalancing varies by region. Data for the indicator is published quarterly.

The indicator is defined as a share of private sector employment of population aged 16 to 64 plus those who are aged over 64 in the labour market.

Data are published for England and each English region. However, to minimise the distortions due to high levels of commuting, changes in the indicator are monitored for 2 regional groups in England:

  • London, south-east and east
  • rest of England

Full details of the methodologies used to compile the publication can be found in the user guide.


As part of the department’s business plan to support the government’s agenda to rebalance the economy across sectors and regions, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) developed this indicator to monitor private sector employment growth in England. It forms part of the performance framework for assessing the impact of the department’s policies and reforms.

Official statistics

This publication is produced by the Local Growth Analysis (LoGA) team. These data are official statistics that are undergoing development to achieve full compliance with the code of practice for official statistics (PDF, 358KB).

Future release dates

Data from the indicator is published on a quarterly basis. We announce publication of the data 4 weeks in advance. We are working towards a regular publication cycle, however, for the initial releases the publication date for each quarter may vary.

Future publication dates will be added to the National Statistics publication hub.

Contact details

If you have any questions on the indicator please send us an email to