Excise notices: oils

This collection brings together all excise notices for oils.

All excise notices for oils listed alphabetically.


  1. Excise Notice 179a: aviation turbine fuel
  2. Excise Notice 179e: biofuels and other fuel substitutes
  3. Excise Notice 50: duty free warehouse warning
  4. Excise Notice 207: Excise Duty drawback
  5. Excise Notice 172: Excise Duty drawback - ships and aircraft stores
  6. Excise Notice 76: excise duty on gas for use as fuel in road vehicles
  7. Excise Notice 75: fuel for road vehicles
  8. Excise Notice 554: fuel used in private pleasure craft and for private pleasure flying
  9. Notice 171: hydrocarbon oils - Customs Duty
  10. Excise Notice 263: marine voyages - relief from fuel duty
  11. Excise Notice 184a: mineral oil put to certain use - Excise Duty Relief
  12. Excise Notice 179: motor and heating fuels - general information and accounting for Excise Duty and VAT
  13. Excise Notice 175: motor and heating fuels - relief from Excise Duty: oils used to generate electricity
  14. Excise Notice 184b: rebate of duty on light oil used as furnace fuel
  15. Excise Notice 197: receipt into and removal from an excise warehouse of excise goods
  16. Excise Notice 192: Registered Dealers in Controlled Oil
  17. Excise Notice 183: repayment of Excise Duty on heavy oil used by growers of horticultural produce
  18. Excise Notice 206: revenue traders' records
  19. Excise Notice 2001: Rural Fuel Duty Relief Scheme
  20. Notice 204a: Temporary Registered Consignees
Published 7 October 2014