Ofsted Annual Report 2013/14

Consists of an overarching commentary, reports on schools and the further education and skills sector and eight regional reports.

The 2013/14 annual report is based on evidence from inspection visits undertaken between September 2013 and August 2014 by Ofsted.


  1. Ofsted Annual Report: 2013/14 commentary

    • Corporate report
  2. Ofsted Annual Report 2013/14: schools report

    • Corporate report
  3. Ofsted Annual Report 2013/14: further education and skills report

    • Corporate report
  4. Ofsted annual report 2013/14: regional reports

    • Corporate report


Press releases, speeches and news relating to Ofsted’s 2013/14 annual reports for schools and further education and skills.

  1. Ofsted Annual Report 2013/14 published

    • News story
  2. HMCI launches Ofsted's Annual Report 2013/14

    • Speech
  3. Primary schools continue to forge ahead, says Ofsted

    • Press release


  1. Outstanding providers 2013/14

    • Statistical data set
  2. Maintained schools and academies inspections and outcomes: September 2013 to August 2014

    • Official Statistics