Notifications of infectious diseases (NOIDs)

Notifications about suspected infectious diseases, collected by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA).

Registered medical practitioners in England and Wales have a statutory duty to notify their local authority or local health protection team of suspected cases of certain infectious diseases.

All laboratories in England performing a primary diagnostic role must notify the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) when they confirm a notifiable organism.

UKHSA collects these notifications and publishes analyses of local and national trends every week.

We will continue to publish this report every Thursday during the pre-election period, except for the week of the General Election, when the release date will be Friday 5 July.

Scarlet fever and group A streptococcus

Cases of scarlet fever are taking longer to appear in our published data after initial processing and review.

Our teams are working at pace to ensure published data reflects all formal notifications received in recent weeks and local authority data will be updated once full data entry has occurred. In the meantime, our real-time GP Syndromic Surveillance data reflects current trends.

Any public health action, where necessary, is taken when UKHSA is informed of a case of invasive streptococcal infection. UKHSA teams continue to manage outbreaks of scarlet fever, irrespective of whether it has been entered into the Notifications of infectious diseases (NOIDs) report, and have carried out all necessary public health interventions needed to reduce further transmission in outbreaks, especially in vulnerable settings such as schools and nurseries.



Published 24 July 2014
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