Enhancing flexible working in the armed forces

The Ministry of Defence is exploring how to better support armed forces personnel with more opportunities to adapt their service to meet their modern needs and aspirations.

The Flexible Engagement System Project is examining how we can improve flexible working opportunities, building upon existing flexible working and the experiences drawn from the Flexible Duties Trial.

The options being considered for introduction in 2019 would provide opportunities for regular personnel to request temporary periods of part-time working and/or limits to separated service for defined periods. These changes would give regulars a similar range of employment options to reservists, whom we expect to subsequently benefit from greater access to higher commitment roles amongst regulars.

We continue to consult with regulars and reserves through a series of focus groups and surveys. Your views are important to us, and we continue to explore how we can consult with service personnel.

Where next for flexible working?

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Published 24 November 2016
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