Ministry of defence police: use of force statistics

Quarterly statistics and information about Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) use of force.

Use of force

Police are charged with maintaining order and keeping people safe. In fulfilling those duties officers sometimes need to use force on behalf of the state to protect the public and themselves from harm.

Use of force covers a range of ways of detaining suspects, from applying handcuffs for the purpose of transporting a person to a Police Station, to an incident where a firearm is aimed or discharged.

Why use of force statistics are recorded and published

With effect from 1 April 2017 the National Police Chiefs’ Council introduced a requirement for all police forces to record and publish data on the use of force by officers.

The data will help contextualise each use of force by showing how using minimal force prevents more serious options or harm to the public. Officers are trained to use force proportionality, lawfully and only when absolutely necessary.

Publication of Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) use of force statistics

MDP use of force data will be published here on a quarterly basis. This data will provide greater transparency into how and why force is used, strengthening the relationship between the police and the public which is at the heart of the model of policing by consent.


Published 9 May 2018