Light rail and tram statistics

Information and statistics on light rail and tram transport.

Statistics on light rail and tram systems in England are collected to inform the development and monitoring of light rail policy. Figures are updated annually and present information on usage, infrastructure and revenue for the 8 systems which are urban and primarily surface-running.

Latest light rail and tram statistics

The latest figures show:

  • light rail usage in England continued to rise with record numbers of passenger journeys (267.7 million) and vehicle miles (21.6 million) since comparable records began in 1983
  • since the financial year ending 2005, the first full year when all current systems were in operation, light rail journeys have grown by 68.6%
  • around 3.1% of all public transport journeys in Great Britain are made on light rail systems

Technical information

The 8 light rail and tram systems covered are:

  • Blackpool Tramway
  • London Tramlink (formerly Croydon Tramlink)
  • Docklands Light Railway
  • Manchester Metrolink
  • Midland Metro
  • Nottingham Express Transit
  • Sheffield Supertram
  • Tyne and Wear Metro

Underground systems in London and Glasgow, Edinburgh Trams and many other smaller systems such as funiculars, airport transport systems and heritage railways are not included in the statistical release.

Figures relating to the London and Glasgow underground systems and Edinburgh Trams are presented separately in table LRT9901, LRT9902 and LRT9903. These tables are updated alongside or shortly after the publication of the light rail and tram statistics.

Figures relating to profiles of users of light rail and tram systems as collected by the National Travel Survey are presented separately in table LRT0401.

For further information about the systems covered and data sources, please refer to the guidance.

National statistics

All of the statistics published in this series are National Statistics. Light rail and tram statistics was assessed by the UK Statistics Authority and confirmed as National Statistics in February 2013

Figures relating to underground systems are outside the scope of National Statistics but are included to provide wider context.

Pre-release access list

The post holders given access to these statistics up to 24 hours prior to release are available in the light rail and tram pre-release access list.

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Data tables

  1. Passenger journeys, vehicle miles and occupancy (LRT01)

    • Statistical data set
  2. Light rail and tram fleet and infrastructure (LRT02)

    • Statistical data set
  3. Revenue from light rail and trams (LRT03)

    • Statistical data set
  4. Other government data sources (LRT04)

    • Statistical data set
  5. London and Glasgow underground and Edinburgh trams (LRT99)

    • Statistical data set
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