Industry Sector Deals

Sector Deals between government and industry.

Partnerships between the government and industry on sector-specific issues can create significant opportunities to boost productivity, employment, innovation and skills.

We know that these partnerships can work – from our experience of decade-long partnerships such as the Auto Council and the Office for Life Sciences to more recent collaborations including tourism, creative industries, space and professional and business services.

As part of our Industrial Strategy we are extending these successful partnerships to other parts of the economy.

Introduction to Sector Deals

  1. Industrial Strategy: Sector Deals

Construction Sector Deal

Nuclear Sector Deal

Artificial Intelligence Sector Deal

Creative Industries Sector Deal

  1. Creative industries: Sector Deal
  2. Creative Industries Sector Deal launched

Automotive Sector Deal

Life Sciences Sector Deal

Rail Sector Deal

  1. Rail: Sector Deal

Aerospace Sector Deal

  1. Aerospace: Sector Deal
Published 6 December 2017
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  1. Construction Sector Deal published.
  2. Nuclear Sector Deal published.
  3. AI Sector Deal published.
  4. Creative Industries Sector Deal published.
  5. Automotive Sector Deal published.
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