Inclusive Transport Strategy: achieving equal access for disabled people

Information supporting the Inclusive Transport Strategy including policy papers and announcements.

Documents which support Department for Transport’s (DfT’s) Inclusive Transport Strategy (ITS).

‘it’s everyone’s journey’ campaign

As part of the Inclusive Transport Strategy, DfT has developed the ‘it’s everyone’s journey’ public campaign to create a more considerate and supportive travelling environment for disabled people, so they can travel easily and with confidence. The campaign benefits all public transport users and highlights the ways everyone can play a part in making public transport inclusive.

The campaign is also working with partners to encourage positive behaviours as we return to the network following the COVID-19 pandemic. The return to transport provides a unique opportunity to re-think travel habits and help create a more considerate environment for everyone.

Disabled people have been disproportionately affected by COVID and the campaign materials encourage small actions than can make a world of difference, including raising awareness that some may be exempt from wearing a face covering and making space for those who rely on others to social distance on their behalf.

We’re looking for organisations to partner with and to explore in-kind partnership opportunities. We’d like to hear from you if your organisation can support the campaign and:

  • help implement communications to positively change mindsets and habits
  • identify and build alliances that can rally others to support and get involved
  • raise awareness of changes to public transport networks

Visit the campaign partner website to register your support.

Inclusive Transport Leaders Scheme

DfT has launched an the Inclusive Transport Leaders Scheme for transport operators. The scheme aims to improve disabled people’s access to the transport system.



Research information reviewing the Inclusive Transport Strategy.

Published 29 October 2019