Import and export: HMRC manuals

Public access to import and export guidance used internally by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

A-Z of HMRC’s import and export manuals

Anti-dumping and countervailing duties manual

ATA/CPD Carnets manual

CAP imports manual

Customs authorisation and approval manual

Customs civil penalties manual

Customs freight simplified procedures manual

Customs intellectual property rights manual

Customs special procedures manual

Diplomatic privileges manual

EC export preference manual

EC preferences: exports to Turkey manual

EC Preferences: imports from Turkey manual

Excise competent official guidance

Export Procedures

Guidance on the audit of customs values

Holding and movements: export shops manual

Holding and movements: financial securities assurance manual

Holding and movements: owners and transporters manual

Holding and movements: registered excise dealers manual

Holding and movements: warehousing manual

Import and export pipe-lines manual

Import and national clearance hub procedures manual

Import preference guidance notes

Imports manual

International manual

Introduction to administrative co-operation in excise (AC-e) manual

Inward processing relief manual

Outward clearance of commercial vessels manual

Outward processing relief manual

Requesting assistance from an OMS under administrative cooperation in excise manual

Responding to requests from OMS under administrative cooperation in excise manual

Ships report manual

Strategic goods and services: assessment of risk and offence action manual

Strategic goods and services: BIS export licensing and sanctions manual

Temporary storage and approved depositories manual

Tonnage tax manual

Published 1 January 2007