Household projections

This collection brings together all documents relating to household projections

Household projections are trend-based and indicate the number of additional households that would form if recent demographic trends continue. You can find out more about the methodology used and the accuracy of the projections (data quality analysis) in household projections: notes and definitions for data analysts.

The projections are a demographic projection informed by the projected population, produced by the Office for National Statistics, and projected household representative rates informed by Census and labour force survey data.

Household projections are therefore driven by assumptions on future levels of fertility, mortality and net migration, and household formation behaviour, that is how this population groups into household units (as measured by household representative rates).

The Department for Communities and Local Government has developed an experimental application where users can access key local authority data from the 2011-based interim household projections through interactive maps and charts.


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2014-based projections

  1. 2014-based household projections in England, 2014 to 2039

    • National Statistics
  2. 2014-based household projections: methodology

    • Official Statistics
  3. 2014-based household projections: detailed data for modelling and analytical purposes

    • Statistical data set

2008-based projections

  1. Household projections (2008 to 2033) in England

    • National Statistics
  2. Updating DCLG's household projections to a 2008 base: methodology

    • Official Statistics
  3. Updating DCLG's household projections to a 2008 base: final report

    • Official Statistics

Live tables

  1. Live tables on household projections

    • Statistical data set