Growth Vouchers programme

Support for small businesses to grow.

The Growth Vouchers research programme will test what works best when giving advice to business - helping small businesses to find strategic advice from private sector suppliers who can help their business to grow.

This joint programme between the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the Behavioural Insights Team in Cabinet Office was launched on 27 January 2014 and rolled out over 15 months. The scheme is now closed.

Growth Vouchers offer expert advice in areas such as:

  • raising finance and managing cash flow
  • recruiting and developing staff
  • improving leadership and management skills
  • marketing
  • attracting and keeping customers
  • making the most of digital technology

Growth Voucher main programme forms

  1. Growth Vouchers: business claim form

    • Form
  2. Growth Vouchers: supplier claim form

    • Form
  3. Growth Vouchers programme: de minimis declaration form

    • Form

Small Business Charter Growth Voucher documents

The terms and conditions guidance is for business participants. The claim form is for accredited business school suppliers.

  1. Small Business Charter Growth Vouchers programme: terms and conditions

    • Guidance
  2. Small Business Charter Growth Vouchers: claim form

    • Form

Evaluation reports

  1. Growth Vouchers programme evaluation: cohort 1, effect at 6 months

    • Research and analysis
  2. Growth Vouchers programme: evaluation - early estimate of impact

    • Research and analysis
  3. Growth Vouchers Programme: evaluation - stakeholder views of the service

    • Research and analysis