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Groundwater: current status and flood risk

The latest updates on monitored groundwater levels and whether there are any groundwater alerts or warnings in force.

Flooding from groundwater can happen when the level of water within the rock or soil that makes up the land surface (known as the water table) rises.

Lead local flood authorities (the unitary or county council) are responsible for managing the risk of flooding from groundwater.

The Environment Agency has a strategic overview for all sources of flooding including groundwater. They supply information in the form of monitored groundwater levels. In some areas that have historically experienced groundwater flooding, the Environment Agency provide a groundwater alert or warning service.

The Environment Agency also produce monthly water situation reports based on data provided by themselves, the Met Office and water companies.

Groundwater situation reports

  1. Chesham Vale, Buckinghamshire: groundwater situation

    • Statistics
  2. Kent: groundwater situation

    • Statistics
  3. Kimpton, north Hertfordshire: groundwater situation

    • Statistics
  4. South London: groundwater situation

    • Statistics
  5. Sussex: groundwater situation

    • Statistics
  6. West Thames: groundwater situation

    • Statistics
  7. Hampshire: groundwater

    • Statistics
  8. Wessex (Dorset and south Wiltshire): groundwater situation

    • Statistics

Practical advice to help you reduce the impact of flooding from groundwater.

  1. Flooding from groundwater

    • Guidance