GLD, AGO, HMCPSI: transactions exceeding £25,000

Data for Government Legal Department, Attorney General’s Office and HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate, monthly from May 2015.

The government has set out the need for greater transparency across its operations to enable the public to hold public bodies and politicians to account. As part of its contribution to this commitment, Government Legal Department is publishing data on all transactions over £25,000 on a monthly basis.

Includes glossary of terms.

Payments to the barristers listed in these data represent gross fee payments, which is not the same as income. From their gross fees all self employed barristers have to deduct the costs of running their practices. They also have to make their own provision for holiday, sickness and pension provision. Payments shown are inclusive of VAT, which barristers have to repay to the government.

From 1 April 2014 all transactions are reported net of recoverable VAT.


Published 29 October 2015