Treaties published in the European Union Series

This page brings together all treaties published within the European Union Series from 2013 to the present

Multilateral agreements between Member States of the European Union, or between Third Parties and Member States of the European Union that were not yet in force for the UK at the time of publication.

Note: On the 1st April 2011, the European Union Series replaced the European Communities Series.

Click on the links to access the text of both treaty and accompanying explanatory memorandum: the former includes the published title and European Union series publication references.

The reference before the title i.e [EU] is for internal purposes


  1. [EU No.1/2018] EU/Australia: Framework Agreement
  2. [EU No.2/2018] EU/New Zealand: Partnership Agreement on Relations and Cooperation
  3. [EU No.3/2018] EU/Canada: Strategic Partnership Agreement
  4. [EU No.4/2018] EU/Cuba: Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement
  5. [EU No.5/2018] EU/EAEC/Armenia: Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement
  6. [EU No.6/2018] EU/Canada: Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement
  7. [EU No.7/2018] EU/Ghana: Stepping Stone Economic Partnership Agreement
  8. [EU No.8/2018] EU/SADC EPA States: Economic Partnership Agreement
  9. [EU No.9/2018] EC/Eastern and Southern African States: Interim Agreement establishing a framework for an Economic Partnership Agreement
  10. [EU No.10/2018] EU/Colombia/Peru/Ecuador: Protocol of Accession to the Trade Agreement
  11. [EU No.11/2018] EU/Israel: Euro-Mediterranean Aviation Agreement
  12. [EU No.12/2018] EU/Moldova: Common Aviation Area Agreement






  1. EU/Central America: Agreement establishing an association
  2. Agreement on a unified patent court
  3. EU/Philippines: Partnership and cooperation agreement
  4. EU/Vietnam: Comprehensive partnership and cooperation agreement
  5. EU/Mongolia: Partnership and cooperation agreement
  6. EU/Iraq: Partnership and cooperation agreement
Published 12 August 2013