Environment Agency corporate scorecard

The corporate scorecard outlines the Environment Agency's performance against our corporate measures.

The Environment Agency corporate scorecard shows a high level overview of our performance against our environmental and business aims.

The scorecard is reported every 3 months to executive directors and the board within the Environment Agency. It is also shared with the Department for environment food and rural affairs (Defra), and is made public on GOV.UK. Several of our scorecard measures are reported alongside other Defra performance indicators in Defra’s single departmental plan, which is also published on GOV.UK.

Targets are set for each of these measures. For each measure, we show how we’re currently performing and whether or not we’re on track to achieve our target performance by the end of the year. Each measure has a more detailed ‘insight report’ that tells the story of how we’re performing as well as showing trends and future forecasts.


Published 21 February 2018
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