Entry clearance basics (entry clearance guidance)

This collection contains UK Visas and Immigration's guidance to support applications made outside the UK.

Information and guidance for how visa applications made outside the UK are handled by UK Visas and Immigration.


  1. Immigration legislation and powers: ECB01
  2. What is entry clearance: ECB03
  3. Deportees: ECB04
  4. Where to apply: ECB05
  5. Entry clearance fees: ECB06
  6. Returnability: ECB07
  7. What are acceptable travel documents for entry clearance: ECB08
  8. Entry clearance vignettes: ECB09
  9. Making a decision on an application: ECB10
  10. Significance of information from a sponsor: ECB11
  11. Visa endorsements and conditions: ECB13
  12. Biometric residence permit and leave to remain: ECB14
  13. Arriving in or departing from the UK: ECB15
  14. Transferring a visa to a new immigration document: ECB17
  15. Revocation of an entry clearance: ECB18
  16. Correcting an incorrect endorsement: ECB19
  17. Risk and liaison overseas network: ECB21
  18. Extant leave: ECB22
Published 18 December 2013