Drink-drive rehabilitation scheme

Guidance for offenders and courses providers about the drink-drive rehabilitation scheme (DDRS), the syllabus and statistics on take-up.

Courts in Great Britain can refer someone for a DDRS course if they’ve been both:

  • convicted of a drink-drive related offence under the Road Traffic Act 1988
  • banned from driving for at least 12 months

The course aims to change their behaviour to stop reoffending.

The court reduces the length that they’re banned from driving if they complete the course within a certain time. The ban is usually reduced by a quarter.

Find out how drink-drive rehabilitation courses work or find a drink-drive rehabilitation course.

Drink-drive rehabilitation syllabus

The syllabus sets out what’s covered during drink-drive rehabilitation scheme courses.

Guidance for course providers

How to set up a drink-drive rehabilitation scheme course, and then what’s involved in running the courses, issuing certificates to offenders and reporting on your courses.


DDRS course statistics, including referrals to courses, courses completed and delivered.

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