Digital imaging, CCTV and video based evidence

Procedures and guidance on capturing and recovering images, video and audio including standards for installing CCTV.

This set of documents can help police forces draw up local policies and procedures. They will help to ensure compliance with the statutory regulations put in place by the Forensic Science Regulator for capturing and retrieving digital images, video, and audio from any CCTV or VSS system.

The various guidance includes:

  • guidance on assessing whether a CCTV system is fit for purpose
  • procedures and guidance for police when retrieving video and image evidence from digital CCTV systems
  • guidance on the processes involved in the handling of digital images for police applications
  • UK police requirements for digital systems

The National Police Chief’s Council have also produced a framework for video based evidence and a standard for Digital Evidence Management systems (DEMs).

The retrieval and processing of CCTV or VSS evidence is now incorporated in the Forensic Science Regulator’s statutory code of practice.


The previous CCTV operational requirements manual can be found on the National Archives website.

Published 16 January 2024
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  1. Added link to previous CCTV operational requirements manual on the National Archives website.

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