Dart Charge

Documents, forms and guidance for the Dart Charge scheme.

To reduce congestion the Dartford Crossings operates a remote payment method called Dart Charge. Payment is required for each trip both northbound and southbound. You can pay in advance or until midnight the following day.

You can keep up to date with Dart Charge on twitter and facebook.


The Dartford Crossings operates a Traffic Safety System to ensure over height vehicles don’t enter the smaller west (left) tunnel.

Over-height vehicles at the Dartford Crossing

Forms and documents

  1. Pay the Dartford Crossing charge (Dart Charge) by post
  2. Set up or cancel a Dart Charge account by post
  3. Dart Charge Penalty Charge Notice
  4. Dart Charge charge certificate

About Dart Charge

  1. Dart Charge key facts
  2. How to pay the Dart Charge
  3. Dart Charge data table

Advice for drivers

Information for foreign drivers


Background information about the implementation of Dart Charge. You can also refer to the relevant legislation:

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