Coal mining licence applications

Forms, guidance notes and model documents for coal mining licence applications.


  1. Documents

This series brings together the documents and guidance notes needed to apply for a coal mining licence or agreement.

A licence or agreement is required for:

  • Surface and underground mining
  • Underground coal gasification
  • Minewater heat recovery
  • Coal methane access
  • Exploration for coal or through coal for other purposes


  1. Coal exploration licences

    • Guidance
  2. Coal methane access agreements

    • Guidance
  3. Incidental coal agreement

    • Guidance
  4. Minewater heat recovery access agreements

    • Guidance
  5. Surface and underground coal mining licences

    • Guidance
  6. Underground coal gasification licences

    • Guidance
  7. Coal mining licence applications supporting documents

    • Guidance