Child Support Agency guidance

This series brings together leaflets about the 1993 and 2003 child maintenance schemes managed by the Child Support Agency.

These leaflets give guidance about child maintenance cases managed by the Child Support Agency (CSA). They cover the following schemes:

We have published separate leaflets and factsheets for Child Maintenance Service cases, – ‘2012 scheme’ cases.

Child Support Agency leaflets

  1. Child maintenance: notes for non­-resident parents who are self-employed: leaflet
  2. How we work out child maintenance: leaflet (CSA cases)
  3. How to complain about the service you get from the Child Support Agency: leaflet
  4. How to apply for child maintenance for children living in Scotland: leaflet
  5. Child Maintenance payments reassessment: leaflet
  6. Child maintenance: moving cases from the 1993 scheme to the 2003 scheme: leaflet
  7. Child maintenance: how we assess cases opened between 5 Apr 1993 and 2 Mar 2003: leaflet
  8. How to appeal against a child maintenance decision for CSA cases: leaflets
  9. How you will receive child maintenance: leaflet
  10. How you pay child maintenance: leaflet
Published 26 July 2013