Certification, calibration, testing and training

Product and management system certification, calibration, testing of weights and measures equipment and training.

The National Measurement and Regulation Office’s (NMRO) services are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service and support the legal metrology framework, providing protection for consumers and business. NMRO also provides tailored training, information or advice about legal metrology.

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Product and management system certification

  1. Certification - of weighing and measuring instruments and quality management systems

    • 2 April 2014
    • Detailed guide

Calibration for mass, length and volume

  1. Calibration service for mass, length and volume artifacts

    • 3 April 2014
    • Detailed guide

NMO testing facilities

  1. NMRO testing facilities

    • 14 April 2014
    • Detailed guide