Bus statistics

Statistics and data about the local bus sector in Great Britain.

Latest bus statistics

  1. Quarterly bus statistics: January to March 2019
  2. Annual bus statistics: year ending, March 2018
  3. Concessionary travel statistics: year ending, March 2018

Bus statistics

Statistics on the local bus sector in Great Britain, presenting information on passenger journeys, vehicle miles, levels of revenue, costs and government support, the vehicle fleet, staff employed and other indicators including punctuality. The department also collects statistics on concessionary travel, covering pass holders, journeys, expenditure and reimbursement to operators.

The majority of these statistics are updated annually, with information on passenger journeys and fares available quarterly.

Guidance on current and previous annual bus, quarterly bus and concessionary travel statistics are available.

  1. Quarterly bus statistics: October to December 2018
  2. Quarterly bus statistics: July to September 2018
  3. Quarterly bus statistics: April to June 2018
  4. Quarterly bus statistics: January to March 2018

Data tables

  1. Buses: statistical tables index
  2. Local bus passenger journeys (BUS01)
  3. Local bus vehicle distance travelled (BUS02)
  4. Passenger distance travelled (BUS03)
  5. Costs, fares and revenue (BUS04)
  6. Government support for the bus industry and concessionary travel (England) (BUS05)
  7. Vehicles operated by local bus operators (BUS06)
  8. Staff employed by local bus operators (BUS07)
  9. Concessionary travel (BUS08)
  10. Bus reliability and punctuality (BUS09)
  11. Bus service provision and other tables (BUS10)
  12. Bus partnerships (BUS11)
  13. Summary of bus statistics from other Government data sources (BUS99)

About the bus statistics data and reports

Most of the statistics published are National Statistics. Bus statistics were assessed by the UK Statistics Authority and confirmed as National Statistics in February 2013.

Most of the statistics are from an annual survey of over 500 bus operators. Some figures are from smaller surveys of local authorities (e.g. concessionary travel), the larger bus operators or other sources. London figures are provided by Transport for London.

Concessionary travel statistics tables containing data supplied by local authorities and industry bodies and those relating to bus service provision are outside the scope of National Statistics. The department’s view is that all statistics which are not designated are robust and have been produced to a suitable standard.

Users should be aware that previously published figures derived from the annual PSV operator survey are routinely revised once a new year of data becomes available, due to the nature of the imputation method used.

Full details of the data sources and methods used can be found in the guidance.

Other information on buses is available from these external sources:

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