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Build to Rent: guidance and allocations

The Build to Rent fund is a fully recoverable investment where the government shares risk or bridges finance to help schemes to build, managed and let.

The investment could be used to cover costs such as land, construction or management costs. Once the scheme is fully let the developer will sell on their interest or re-finance and repay the investment.

Bidding is open

Expressions of interest to bid for the Build to Rent fund has reopened. Bidding is open on a continuous basis until the fund has been allocated. Bids will be assessed and prioritised against the criteria set out in the prospectus and where applicable will be allocated to the shortlist.

Applications should be submitted via the Homes and Communities Agency’s Partner Portal.

Please email any enquiries to btrcme@hca.gsi.gov.uk.

Continuous market engagement

  1. Build to Rent: continuous market engagement prospectus

    • Guidance
  2. Build to Rent: continuous market engagement bidding documents

    • Guidance


  1. Build to Rent: round 2 allocations

    • Notice
  2. Build to Rent: round 2 shortlist

    • Notice
  3. Build to Rent: round 1 allocations

    • Notice

Due diligence

  1. Build to Rent: CME initial due diligence

    • Guidance
  2. Build to Rent: CME detailed due diligence

    • Guidance