Authorised testing facilities (ATFs): guidance, forms and updates

Guidance, forms and updates for authorised testing facilities (ATFs) that test heavy goods vehicles, trailers and public service vehicles.

An ATF tests that heavy goods vehicles, trailers and public service vehicles like buses are roadworthy and meet safety and environmental standards.

Set up an ATF

Guides and forms for setting up an ATF.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has temporarily stopped accepting applications to set up new ATFs.

Run an ATF

Guides and forms for running an ATF.

Contact an ATF network business manager if you have any problems or questions about annual tests being provided at your ATF.

Approved equipment

You must have at least the minimum level of equipment for each vehicle class you’re authorised to test.

The equipment listed is acceptable for testing cars, lorries, buses, coaches and trailers at ATFs. It must be bought from an approved manufacturer.

Only equipment on the Class 5 list with the appropriate computer control system, or clearly marked with HGV (for testing lorries) or PSV (for testing buses and coaches), is acceptable.

You’ll also need a range of generic equipment which can be bought from any suitable manufacturer and include:

  • brake airline valve lift gauge
  • communication system
  • inspection hand lamp
  • load simulation provision
  • pit jack

You must make sure that all your equipment is in good working order and calibrated where appropriate.

Next generation testing

NGT aims to provide flexible testing to you and your customers.

ATF service bulletins

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