Approved Document A (structure) and associated documents

The most recent version of Approved Document A (structure) and all the associated documents.

This section covers the technical guidance contained in Part A (Approved Document A) of schedule 1 of the Building Regulations and all associated and supporting documents


  1. Structure: Approved Document A
  2. Edge protection in multi-storey car parks
  3. Edge protection in multi-storey car parks: review of design standards
  4. Need for improved guidance on multi-storey car park upkeep
  5. Avoiding disproportionate collapse
  6. Masonry design for disproportionate collapse
  7. Robustness and provision against accidental actions
  8. Sulfate damage to concrete floors
  9. First thaumasite expert group
  10. Second thaumasite expert group
  11. Your garden walls: better to be safe
Published 4 June 1992