Air quality grant programme

For local authorities to bid for support on measures to improve air quality.

Defra’s air quality grant scheme provides funding to eligible local authorities to help improve air quality.

The scheme helps local authorities to make air quality improvements and to meet their statutory duties under the Environment Act 1995. It has awarded over £61 million in funding to a variety of projects since it started in 1997.

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Air quality grant 2019 to 2020

Local authorities in England can now apply for the Air Quality Grant Scheme 2019 to 2020. Applications must be received by midday on 07 November 2019.

In particular, we’re looking for applications with projects designed to:

  • provide air quality benefits soon (in next 1 to 2 years)
  • develop solutions over the longer term by increasing awareness and encouraging behaviour change

The grant will be competitive and will award at least £2 million to English local authorities. Priority will be given to local authorities where Defra’s national air quality assessment identified and/or projected an exceedance. Priority will also be given to local authorities that have one or more Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs).

Air quality grant funding

Published 26 June 2013
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