Research and analysis

Air quality: Assessing progress towards WHO guideline levels of PM2.5 in the UK

Report examining the likelihood of meeting the World Health Organization’s (WHO) guideline levels for air pollution (PM2.5) in the UK by 2030.



This publication combines two reports commissioned to explore how we will meet the WHO guidelines in the UK by 2030.

In particular, looking at how the actions from our Clean Air Strategy will help us to meet WHO guidelines levels for PM2.5.

It also includes the following annexes:

  • Annex 1 - Imperial College London - PM2.5 exposure and reduction towards achievement of WHO standards
  • Annex 2 - King’s College London - The WHO Air Quality Guideline for PM2.5 - Community Multiscale Air Quality Modelling (CMAQ) of future scenarios
  • Annex 3 - Air Quality Expert Group - commentary

We have set out our plan of action to tackle air pollution in our Clean Air Strategy (CAS).

Published 23 July 2019