Adoption Overseas

Letter of No Objection to Adoption Overseas

Please note that the ‘no objection’ letter has the sole function of confirming that the British national(s) in question are no longer habitually resident in the UK and that as the child is not being adopted under British adoption legislation, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and British consulates have no further role in the matter.

There is no scope or provision to amend the letter, which is designed for a specific purpose. It is not for the British Embassy to agree whether the applicants are suitable or eligible to adopt the child, or whether the child is adoptable.

Therefore, to obtain the ‘no objection’ letter, the prospective adopters must first obtain independent legal advice that they are in fact not resident in the British Island and then swear a statement witnessed by a lawyer that states: “I confirm that I have received independent legal advice and with reference to all circumstances of my particular case and in light of existing UK law, I can confirm that I am not habitually resident in the British Isles”.

Please bring this sworn statement to the British Embassy and we can then issue the letter of no objection to inter-country adoption.

Published 25 February 2014