Charity accounts monitoring reviews

Reports of Charity Commission accounts monitoring reviews.

The Commission reports on its accounts monitoring reviews to:

  • make charities more transparent and accountable
  • help trustees understand the risks charities face
  • improve reporting standards

Reports published in 2018

  1. Charity reserves policies: demonstrating and building resilience
  2. Accounts monitoring review: assessing the standard of charity financial information
  3. Accounts monitoring: small charity annual reports and accounts meeting the reader’s needs
  4. Accounts monitoring: charities annual reports and accounts meeting the reader’s needs
  5. Accounts monitoring: public benefit reporting requirement for charities
  6. Accounts monitoring: double default class inquiry 2016-17
  7. Accounts monitoring: concerns highlighted by auditors in their audit reports 2017
  8. Accounts monitoring: Reporting of matters of material significance by auditors

Reports published in 2017

Reports published in 2016

Reports published in 2015

  1. Accounts monitoring: Low charitable expenditure
  2. Accounts monitoring: Public benefit reporting by charities
  3. Accounts monitoring: The quality of charity accounts
  4. Accounts monitoring: High governance costs

Reports published in 2014

Published 6 August 2014