Building a country that works for everyone: the government’s plan

We will tackle the challenges our country faces and build a Britain that is fit for the future. Our single departmental plans set out our objectives and how we will achieve them.

The government’s objectives

We will:

  1. Get the best Brexit deal for Britain
  2. Make the economy work for everyone
  3. Build the homes people need
  4. Improve schools, colleges and universities
  5. Protect the natural environment
  6. Keep our families, communities and country safe
  7. Tackle injustices, wherever they exist in our society

1. Get the best Brexit deal for Britain

We will deliver on the referendum vote to get control of our money, borders and laws, while building a strong new relationship with Europe.

How we will achieve this
Negotiate for a deep and special partnership with the EU for when the UK leaves in March 2019
Legislate to ensure a smooth and orderly exit, through the EU (Withdrawal) Bill and further legislation

2. Make the economy work for everyone

We will help people with the cost of living, invest in public services like the NHS while getting debt falling, and back businesses to create good jobs while ensuring they play by the rules.

How we will achieve this
Implement our Industrial Strategy to boost the productivity and earning power of people throughout the UK
Invest in our public services, including an additional £6.3 billion for the NHS
Continue to control public spending and get debt falling as a share of GDP in 2020/21

3. Build the homes people need

We will ensure everyone can afford a safe, decent place to live, and help as many people as possible to get on the housing ladder.

How we will achieve this
Deliver the policies set out in our Housing White Paper and at Autumn Budget to reform the housing market and increase the supply of new homes, on track to reach 300,000 a year on average
Introduce planning reforms that will ensure more land is available for housing, while protecting the Green Belt
Help those struggling to get on the housing ladder, through Help to Buy and by exempting first time buyers from stamp duty on homes under £300,000

4. Improve schools, colleges and universities

We want everyone to have the best start in life, and go as far as their talents and hard work can take them.

How we will achieve this
Ensure there is a good school place for every child, with enough teachers and school leaders of sufficient quality
Deliver T-Levels as a gold standard for technical and professional excellence, and continue our historic reforms to apprenticeships
Thoroughly review post-18 education to make sure that our system is joined up – delivering real choice, quality and value for money for everyone

5. Protect our natural environment

We will leave a cleaner, greener Britain for our children, with stronger protections for animal welfare and tough action on plastic waste.

How we will achieve this
Deliver our 25 Year Environment Plan: our comprehensive and long-term approach to protecting and enhancing the environment for the next generation
Implement our Clean Air Strategy to tackle all sources of air pollution
Slash the amount of waste polluting our land and seas, including by consulting on a deposit return scheme to increase recycling rates

6. Keep our families, communities and country safe

We will make sure the police, armed forces and intelligence agencies have the powers and money they need.

How we will achieve this
Invest in our world-leading security services and maintain and develop our counter-terrorism strategy to protect us from terrorism at home and abroad
Support the public sector and civil society in identifying extremists, countering their messages and promoting pluralistic, British values
Plan to invest £178 billion in new military equipment over the next decade, creating high-skilled jobs across the whole country

7. Tackle injustices, wherever they exist in our society

We will help people achieve their true potential, whatever their background and circumstances.

How we will achieve this
Tackle the inequalities revealed by the Prime Minister’s race disparity audit
Reform mental health legislation and ensure that mental health is prioritised in the NHS
Continue to drive down the gender pay gap

Single departmental plans

Single departmental plans describe each department’s objectives and how they will achieve them.

Single departmental plans are the basis for the government’s planning and performance framework. You can find out more about how the system works.

  1. Department for Exiting the European Union single departmental plan
  2. Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy single departmental plan
  3. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs single departmental plan
  4. Ministry of Defence single departmental plans
  5. Department for International Development single departmental plan
  6. Ministry of Justice single departmental plan
  7. Department for Work and Pensions single departmental plan
  8. HM Revenue and Customs single departmental plan
  9. HM Treasury single departmental plan
  10. Department for Transport single departmental plan
  11. Department for International Trade single departmental plan
  12. DHSC single departmental plan
  13. Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government single departmental plan
  14. Home Office single departmental plan
  15. Foreign and Commonwealth Office single departmental plan
  16. Cabinet Office single departmental plan
  17. Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport single departmental plan
  18. Department for Education single departmental plan

Territorial offices

The territorial offices have summarised their priorities for this Parliament.

Sustainable development goals

The UK is committed to the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals. It does this by ensuring that the goals are embedded in departments’ plans.

  1. Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals
Published 14 December 2017
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