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Replacing rotten windows with new energy efficient double glazing

Green Deal Pioneer Places scheme helped Fissa replace her rotten windows with new energy efficient double glazing

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The Pioneer Places scheme ended in June 2013.


For the last 13 years, single mum Fissa has lived with her young son in a flat with rotten windows, condensation and draughts all-year round. The pair are constantly cold and consequently have the heating on all day and night, resulting in expensive heating bills, which is a financial struggle. It was a huge relief when Fissa heard that the housing scheme, which owned her property, decided to carry out a full Green Deal assessment and replace her windows through the Pioneer Places Go Early Scheme.

As a full time mother, Fissa spends a lot of time at home looking after her son. The Manchester flat in which she’s lived for the last 13 years is designed in such a way that the outer wall, facing the elements, is Fissa’s living room wall which means that they suffer from drafts year-round in the most used room in the flat. The flat itself is over 20 years old with problem windows. “Although our windows were double glazed, the wooden frames were really rotten,” she explains,

“Condensation had built-up between the two panes of glass that I couldn’t do anything about, and it meant you couldn’t see out the windows properly.”

Because of the rotten windows causing draughts and bad insulation, Fissa was forced to keep her heating on throughout the day and night, “We had wind coming through the window frames and from under our front and back doors.” Fissa found her energy bills were soaring and she became increasingly worried about the cost.

The housing association that owned Fissa’s flat carried out a full Green Deal assessment much to Fissa’s relief. They replaced the old windows with uPVC double glazing and put in two new doors. “The difference is incredible,” says Fissa, “I used to have the heating on the whole time and now I only need to put it on for an hour or so and the flat stays warm.”

Since the works have been completed, Fissa not only lives in a warm and comfortable home with no draughts but she no longer has to worry about huge energy bills arriving on her doorstep every month.

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Published 19 September 2013