Case study

Jade, age 19, Nottingham: Work Programme real life story

5 weeks after joining the Work Programme, Jade started work and is getting the experience she needs to reach her ambition as a senior carer.

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Ingeus helped me because they were always willing to see me. They helped me find websites that I had never heard of and gave me other ideas on how to look for a job.

Although Jade had a BTEC qualification in care, she had been unable to find a job in this sector after trying for over a year and had started to feel demoralised by her lack of success.

She joined the Work Programme with Ingeus, where her adviser helped her to improve her CV. She also attended their ‘Job Search Workshop’ which helped her discover how to search for the kind of jobs that matched her skills. To build her confidence she took part in interview preparation and mock interview sessions.

Jade’s adviser helped her make speculative phone calls to care homes and nurseries to show her interest and skills. From this activity she generated six job leads and an interview. Five weeks after joining the Work Programme, she started work as a care assistant and is receiving the vital training and experience she needs to reach her future ambition as a senior carer.

The Work Programme is part funded by the European Social Fund.

Published 15 April 2013