Case study

Low carbon transition in Chile, India, Nigeria and Turkey

How the International Climate Fund is supporting a low carbon transition in Chile, India, Nigeria and Turkey

Solar panels and wind turbines

The Department of Energy and Climate Change is providing £75m to allow new projects to come forward under four pilot country investment plans under the Clean Technology Fund (CTF). The UK’s new contribution will go to Chile, India, Nigeria and Turkey and support a wide range of projects such as renewable energy production, energy efficiency improvements and low carbon transport development.

The UK’s support for these new projects is expected to save 7.3m tonnes of CO2e and also deliver significant development benefits, such as increased energy security, reduced local air pollution, and job opportunities.

The CTF is one of the Climate Investment Funds (CIFs), which are the largest existing climate funds. The CTF is administered by the World Bank and funding is channeled through the public and private sector arms of the multilateral development banks. You can find out more about the UK’s support to the Climate Investment Funds on the DfID projects website.

Published 20 May 2013