Case study

Emma, age 19, Doncaster: Work Programme real life story

Epilepsy sufferer Emma’s Work Programme adviser helped her look and apply for suitable work and build her confidence.

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We’ve archived this case study and published newer Work Programme real life stories.


Emma is a long-term sufferer of epilepsy who left her retail job in 2009, after having a seizure at work. Emma joined the Work Programme with North Doncaster Development Trust (NDDT) and was determined to get back into employment. However, she was concerned about disclosing her condition and the possibility of it affecting future opportunities.

Her Work Programme adviser provided support so Emma could look and apply for suitable work as well as help with confidence building and dealing with job related anxieties. Emma unfortunately suffered a number of serious seizures and was transferred onto Employment Support Allowance. Although she no longer had to participate on the Work Programme, Emma voluntarily chose to remain in contact with NDDT as she found the support she received from her adviser so helpful.

Emma’s determination towards finding work paid off within a couple of weeks. With her adviser and the employment engagement team’s support, Emma successfully secured a job working at a day care centre as a nursery assistant. Emma told her employer about her condition and they worked together to put measures in place in case she was to suffer a seizure in the work place. Finding a job that she enjoys has been a great confidence boost for Emma.

The Work Programme is part funded by the European Social Fund.

Published 15 April 2013